Frequently asked questions for customer

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What is Lesson Boom?

It is a software that puts users in direct contact with mountain professionals (ski instructors, snowboard, telemark, freeride, freestyle).

Why choose LessonBoom?

LessonBoom is an online platform and app that offers you a wide selection of independent instructors in all Swiss locations. You can contact them directly!

Is the service free?

Absolutely yes! Registration will not involve any cost and no increased percentage will be applied to the cost of the lesson.

How to book your teacher?

Sign up, enter dates, choose your preferred location. You will be shown a list of masters of which you can view every detail of their profile. choose the one that's right for you!

Can I contact the teacher before booking?

Of course, you can contact your teacher through a private chat and ask for any information regarding your lesson.

Can I change my reservation?

Yes, you can use the private chat with the teacher and change the time or day of your booking.

Where will I meet my teacher?

We suggest you to arrange the place and time in detail with your teacher via chat.

Are there any other ways to contact your teacher?

Yes, once you have completed your lesson, you will be shown the personal number of the teacher.

Can the lesson be delete?

Cancellation is possible up to 72 hours before the lesson for a partial refund of 70%, 48 hours before for a 40% refund, 24 hours before there is no refund.

What appens if i am in late?

In case of delay, notify the teacher in advance to find an immediate solution. In the event that no agreement is reached, Lesson Boom will not reimburse the lesson.

When do I pay for the lesson?

The amount will be retained by your card (Visa, Mastercard, Paypal) securely when you book online. The teacher will then be paid at the end of the lesson.

Do I pay more if I book a teacher with LessonBoom?

Absolutely not! No additional service charge will be added to our customers for the teacher's lesson.

Can everyone write reviews?

The teachers need your reviews, and only registered and real customers who have booked the lesson with a teacher can leave reviews.

Can I edit reviews?

No, write for more information at info@lessonboom.com

Is it possible to change the currency of payment?

No, prices are in Swiss Francs (CHF).

Frequently asked questions for instructor

Montagna del logo Lesson Boom - Trova il tuo maestro di sci i nSvizzera

Who can enroll as a teacher at LessonBoom?

The instructors must send to the lesson boom team the card that certifies the registration to the supervisory body of the masters in SWISS SNOW SPORT. The teachers certify that they have a clean criminal record, that they have certified first aid and have a valid liability insurance.

What LessonBoom offers me?

Lesson Boom offers you an estimated 25% / 30% increase in your customer base and offers you a wide range of locations to work in Switzerland.

Does the registration include payments?

The registration does not include any payment.

How do I delete my LessonBoom account?

Write an email to info@lessonboom.com.

Have I a personal calendar?

Yes, you are offered in a completely free way a calendar in which you can choose days, times, price ranges and working bands in an autonomous way. We suggest you to update it month by month based on your availability, to have a profile that is always up-to-date.

I received a reservation request, what should I do?

If you receive a booking request, the system automatically accepts it.

Can I refuse a request?

The refusal of the lesson must be justified by an e-mail sent directly to info@lessonboom.com.

What happens if I forget to refuse a reservation?

It will have a negative impact on your search rankings and will also automatically cut you half star in the reviews section. Furthermore, since you have not made any service, you will not receive the payment in question.

Why is the request automatically accepted?

In order to receive a request, it is necessary to provide availability for that day. As Lesson Boom's goal is to offer quality service to customers, teachers need to manage availability in the best way. Basically, the policy of Lesson Boom adopts this system: if you give your availability that day you professional have the obligation to be present.

How do LessonBoom pays the masters?

The masters are paid within 24/72 hours after the lesson has been held.