At what age is it right to start skiing our children?

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It is usually said that one is not born learned, and it is just like that. Think of you as a child: were you already able to ride a bike, go skiing or get off a slope with a nice snowboard? The answer is the same for everyone: no.

How many times have we peeled our legs and fallen on our bikes? How many times, however, we took a front on skis losing both sticks? It often happened. To everyone. But you had to do, to learn how to do something you must first make mistakes, so the facades or the peeling are welcome.

As a child you are not afraid of anything, and that is why it is easier to learn something. On the other hand, when you're older, you instinctively trigger a sense of protection that makes everything more difficult and complicated, even going down a slope on skis.

But have we ever wondered at what age it is right to start skiing our children? And above all, what precautions to take? If the answer is negative, you can find all the information in the following lines.

If you want to inculcate in your son, or daughter, the passion for skiing, you must in the meantime be aware of certain information, essential for the preparation for descent with the teacher.

The equipment should be rented because from one year to the next the baby grows very fast: the number of his/her foot increases, as the bust and the skull grows, consequently it is not convenient to buy everything new, also because only a few months later nothing more fit him/her.

As for skiing, it must be as tall as a child or a few centimetres less; the boot, on the other hand, must not be wide or narrow, but the right one.
As for the chopsticks, however, in young children, from three to five years, usually do not need (big cannot hold them well, small, however, can make them lose their attention).

When they are older, as the teacher suggest, it is advisable to buy them: the rackets must form a precise right angle with the arm (to understand it, you have to hold it and place it on the floor).

In addition, the technical clothing must be very heavy: pile (fleece fabric), windstopper (synthetic fabric able to protect from the wind), jacket, neck warmer, mask in front of the eyes, as well as the helmet, are essential for securing our child on the slopes.

The sooner the child start skiing, the better. From three to seven years is only fine an hour a day, more could get tired and lose concentration very easily.

On the other hand, if parents had the desire that their child learn to ride a snowboard, they should not start before the age of six, ie when motor development has achieved greater coordination capacity.

In families, however, where snowboarding is usually practiced, the child's first contact with the board takes place at a much lower age: often around 4 years.

As for the snow, this must be the right size for the age and weight of the child (usually 80cm for children up to four years, 90 up to six and 100 up to eight. Of course, the measure will be chosen also taking into account what is the weight of the baby).

The boots, however, certainly affect more. The feet of the children, in fact, grow quickly and if you do not opt for the models adjustable by insole, you may have to eliminate them after only one season.
Hoping that these tips can be useful, we wish you happy holidays, of course in the snow with us of LessonBOOM !


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