The best slopes for skiing in Switzerland

Ski slopes in Switzerland
NOV 12

Let's take the stakes of the most beautiful and important ski areas of the Switzerland. The time of these last days, in fact, seems to suggest pull out the winter outfits out of the closet and finally dust off the skis closed in the cellar for too many months. It will by chance already come time to pull them out? And if so, to go where?
Here are the places that we at Lessonboom will recommend.

There are no more half seasons, just look through the window or put out your nose from the home walls to notice it. But not only that, you can also look in the mirror one day yes and the other also: maybe of we wear a hoodie on Mondays, but already twenty-four hours later over the sweatshirt of the day before you must also wear a nice heavy coat.

There are no longer half seasons, we said just then, and these days stormy for the Italian peninsula are further proof. Evidence of the fact that despite the November signs calendar, winter is by the door. So via pinocchietto trousers, T-shirts and sweatshirts. Is came forward to pull out long trousers, heavy sweaters and, why not, if the weather also allows complete skiing. This is because it can happen that, from one day to the next, the soft snow whiten our roads and makes the endless Swiss ski slopes are already in practice.

Ski resort in Switzerland

Where to go skiing in Switzerland

In case it should happen here are the goals that we recommend for start to warm up skis and snowboards.

St. Moritz

St. Moritz, located in eastern Switzerland, offers a good 155 km of pistes and 21 Lifts. Of these 155 km, 42 are considered of the blue level, 79 Reds and 34 blacks. The slopes will open on the first of December 2018.

Scuol Samnaun Val Müstair

Still in eastern Switzerland, we find Scuol Samnaun Val Müstair a place that offers more than 239 km of pistes, of which 47 are blue, 143 red and 49 black. The opening of the ski runs is planned for the first of December 2018.

Arosa Lenzerheide

In eastern Switzerland, there is the Arosa Lenzerheide, which with its 225 km and 43 ski lifts is one of the most popular from the big and children. The slopes can be accessed from the first of December 2018.

Ski slopes in Switzerland

Valley of Bagnes and the Val d'hérens

In the Valley of Bagnes and the Val d'hérens (in km) on which we can have fun well 412. 67, instead of all the lifts. Here, too, the slopes will open from the first day of December.

Aletsch Arena

In lake Geneva region, specifically in the Aletsch Arena, the systems are 36 and the km covered are 104. The date of opening of the slopes is provided for the eight of December 2018.

Freie Ferienrepublik Saas-Fee

Always in the lake Geneva region, precisely at the Freie Ferienrepublik Saas-Fee, the km is approximately 100 and 22 of the plants that can be fearless to climb the Alps. The slopes will open the first of December.

Val d'anniviers

Still in the lake Geneva region a valley in which you found the true fans is the Val d'anniviers, with 19 ski lifts. In central Switzerland, more precisely to Andermatt, you can have fun for 31 km, 4 blue, 10 red and black 17.

These are some of the main ski areas surrounding the Switzerland and that we LessonBoom recommend for a nice downhill. Good fun!

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