Ski and snowboard instructors. How to become one?

ski instructors
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Ski instructors, fundamental to learn a noble art. How to become one?

Skiing is a very fascinating physical activity. Every year the snowy slopes get full of skiers and snowborders ready to enjoy the snow, whether natural or artificial. For a lot of them this is the first time approaching this sport and they will regularly need the help of a ski instructor.

How to become a ski instructor in Switzerland

Every ski lover who knows how to do it and wants to teach it to beginners can seriously think about becoming a ski instructor and turn their passion into a career.The Swiss school is one of the world’s most important schools for ski instructors. Anyone can decide to take up this career, regardless of their nationality.

However, the Swiss Ski Federation has two very important requirements in order to be accepted: you must have a very advanced technique and be at least 18 years old.Since in Switzerland snowsport instructors, including alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, telemark skiing, snowboard and snowshoes hikes, are regulated, those with a license earned abroad must first verify their qualification.

This is why instructors with a non Swiss license must go through an exam at Swiss Snowsports, the institution in charge of ski instructors. The aim of the exam is to prove their fluency in Italian, English, French and German, besides their mother tongue. If they pass the exam Swiss Snowsports will assign them a license based on the level of the one obtained abroad. After this procedure it is possible to teach skiing in Switzerland.

Levels of teaching

To become a ski instructor you can go through three qualification levels: the third level, known as BASI, is the entry level. The second level, called ISIA gives you access to the International Ski Instructor Association. ISI, the first level, is the highest qualification and allows you to teach all around Europe.If you are a beginner or a bit rusty and you want to enjoy the slopes, it is fundamental to take up a few lessons with an instructor: a tip from Lesson BOOM.

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