How to choose a snowboard table

How to choose a snowboard table

With the arrival of the first snowflakes it's time to dust the equipment or, why not, buy a new pair of skis or another shiny table. Each year brings with it new things. Are you ready to find out what are those related to snowboarding this winter season? Come with us!

We need to look at several factors before buying a snowboard.

Meanwhile, we need to understand the level of our capabilities. It is useless to take a table of the latest generation if you are a beginner; how is at the same time risky to buy a tool released a few seasons ago if you are already expert mountain dwellers. Other things to consider are undoubtedly the width and length of the table, as well as the type of use that you want to do (Freestyle, Freeride, Halfpipe, Park etc.). These factors play a fundamental role in choosing a snowboard.

The first board that we recommend is the Airtracks Skull Wide: a board designed for intermediate riders who want to try out new and exciting "tricks" on board an efficient snowboard, with a unique and captivating design. Airtracks Skull Wide is a well-made snowboard, created for intermediate level riders who are already familiar with this discipline.

Airtracks Skull Wide is a well-made snowboard, created for intermediate level riders who are already familiar with this discipline. Another popular Airtracks board is the Men Wide Places, which includes attachments and carrying bags. This is a wide table, has the flat camber and is therefore easier to handle. Excellent for beginners and intermediates, it is recommended for Freeride and All Mountain. This board was created for intermediate level riders who want to experience new experiences in the park or in powder, always giving their best. A flat rocker board, directional twin with medium flex 4.

The third and final table that we at Lesson boom, we recommend is that of Burton. It is a well designed table and ideal for those who are beginners; in fact it has been designed to minimize the risk of sticking the lamina on the snow. The "Extruded" insole holds the solina a little less and slightly penalizes the speed, even if this is normal for an entry level board. As for the aesthetic side, the elegant graphics embellish the table, making it lively and fun.

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