Sankt Moritz

San Maurizio d'Engadina is a Swiss municipality of about 5000 inhabitants located in the canton of Grisons, in the Maloja Reason. It is one of the most glamorous towns in the Swiss Alps. The name, transliterated in Italian, perhaps does not tell you anything; if we spoke instead of St. Moritz, maybe it would be different.

San Maurizio d'Engadina, in fact, is precisely St. Moritz: renowned winter and summer tourism resort in the Alps, has hosted numerous international sporting events, including two editions of the Winter Olympic Games.

Today the name St. Moritz is synonymous with elegant, dynamic and luxurious city, which enjoys a special atmosphere and a sparkling champagne-style climate. Originally the town was famous for its mineral sources, which are
been appreciated for 3000 years. Already in the Middle Ages, during the summer, visitors went to St. Moritz to taste the mineral waters.

In the following decades, while remaining a popular destination in the warmer months, it saw tourists mainly in winter: the most important season for the economy of the Engadine valley. In fact, thanks to the height of the mountains and the orientation of the valley that heads south-west, there are all the ideal conditions for a long season full of snow.

Sankt Moritz by night

Those who decide to come and spend a few days in this beautiful town, maybe after a long morning walking through the slopes of the Alps, can go and relax at the spa located on the south-western shore of the lake. The center, in fact, is located in the Upper Engadine on a sunny terrace on the northern shore of Lake Moritzese, and is divided into two macro-areas: Sankt Moritz-Bad and Sankt Moritz-Dorf. The former houses numerous spas, sharing the quality of service and the modernity of the accommodation facilities. The most famous spa is the Kurthaus, open, designed in 1854.

After a nice skiing and a few hours of relaxation at the spa, among the things that we at Lessonboom recommend you to see, stands out the church of St. Karl: built in 1885 built in an eclectic way revisiting the Romanesque-Lombard style.

Moving instead to Sankt Moritz-Dorf you enter the district of big hotels and social life. The main square, the hub of the town, is Piazza de la Posta Veglia, where the main city streets converge. From here a slightly uphill road leads to the Mauritiusbrunnen, a fountain of the early twentieth century, at the Rathaus and the Town Hall.

This small town located only 85 km from Lake Como has become known in the world also, and above all, because of two editions of the Winter Olympic Games: that of 1928 and 1948. This is further evidence that, since the mid-twentieth century, Sankt Moritz is considered a destination of absolute respect for the quality of ski lifts.

Ski Slopes in Sankt Moritz

The local ski area is well linked to other slopes, for a total of 350 km of tracks for skiers and snowboarders. For the more experienced, on the top of Mount Corviglia (2,486 meters), reachable from Sankt Moritz-Dorf by a funicular, you will find the start of the steepest downhill slope in the country, with a slope that reaches almost 100% on the Piz Nair cliff.

But not only, for bob lovers the references we give are the Cresta Run and the Bob Run, one of the oldest tracks in the world of its kind; while for cross-country skiing you can count more than 180 km of slopes at the bottom of the valley.

This is what, we at Lesson boom, we recommend to winter sports lovers. Do not tell us that you still have doubts about where to spend a few weekends or, why not, the classic "white week".

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