World Ski Championships in Switzerland 2019

Cover World Cup skiing in Switzerland 2019

Switzerland is also the protagonist at the world cup. Downhill skiing, snowboarding, and slalom giant are the main competitions on the fabulous trails of the Swiss Confederation. If this year we have not been able to admire on the football tread the most the important stages of the Russia 2018, and then pull off the most unlikely of banners, we have another opportunity.

This time, however, we will not hear talk of modules and defenses, tactics and punishments, but rather of poles and downhill, super g and snowboarding. We refer to the world alpine ski championships, this year, will see the Swiss absolute protagonist. St. Moritz will open the dances with the-g in the female, precisely the eight of December, then
pass the picket at the slalom (always female) the following day, and the super-g male the eleven and the twelve of December. So far the races this year.

Instead, in the 2019, will be car-free Wengen, which will host the first races of the men's downhill, precisely, the nine, eleven and twelve in January. The long awaited giant slalom, instead, will the scene in Adelboden; one female-to-Zinal, and the twenty-one and twenty-two of January.

If in the Formula One is considered the monte carlo of the center of excellence, which speeding with the car, for skiing you have to go a little further to the north, specifically, at the Sant Moritz. Located in the Engadin valley, the territory of the Canton of Graubünden, Sant Moritz is a resort that lives almost only of tourism ski. A renowned and exclusive, in the its ski area offers over 350 km of slopes of all difficulty and is suitable both for skiing in parallel to the snowboard. The complex develops from 1800 to 3300 m altitude, thus offering a spectacle also at a landscape level because of this diversity.

Entering more purely in the technical, Sant Moritz in the field of alpine skiing is famous for the start of the race of the men's downhill, the so-called “Free Fall” or “Fall Free”: it is a wall that steep with a gradient of 45% that leads athletes to acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4 seconds. Having a long tradition, the town in switzerland has brought us great joys to many athletes in the course of history.

The most winning on its slopes among women is Lindsey Vonn with 5 wins: 1 down 3-g and a combined, while the more experienced among men are Beat Feuz (1 down and 1-g) and Stefan Eberharter (1 down and 1 giant).

In italy, the best was definitely Karen Putzer, 2 wins in g, while for men we find a podium of the Gustav Thoeni, and one of Herbert Plank. In short, Switzerland as ever this year will see focused on himself, the cameras of all the world.

And if the organizing committee of the world has decided to entrust the show once again to the slopes of the swiss there must be a reason.

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