Bookings 2.0: from travel agencies to your couch


The tourism industry is changing, or better, is evolving. This evolution is happening right under our eyes every day, and it can be observed both directly, in first person, or indirectly, from people around us and their experiences.

The evolution of bookings

Alongside the way to be a tourist, there is also a change in how to reach the destination you have chosen, a city or a mountain village.Years ago, in order to book a holiday, you had to go to a typical travel agency, now this is all in the past (even if some people still use them, usually those not accustomed to the use of internet).

Nowadays, in the so-called booking world 2.0, you can easily do it from home. In the past, the European and Italian tourism market, was marked by the presence on the territory of several small travel agencies who had been working for decades trying to face the complications due to the evolution of this sector, today these same agencies are facing a particular situation because of the big structural changes of the last few years: the spread of internet and its logics that caused an overabundance of data and information, the development of concepts such as low cost and last minute as well as new formulas od promotion and marketing. 

LessonBOOM comes from a real market need. In my experience as a ski instructor I have often seen that for a family is not always easy organize a trip on the snow, some parts are really complicated. Therefore, decided to create a platform to help our clients book their ski instructor” told us Ghigliotti.

By reading these lines some of the words that pop up are “simplify” and “complicated”. These are the starting points of LessonBOOM. Booking a holiday has become more immediate, compared to going to a travel agency or, as for Ghigliotti’s company, to a mountain location. In the past, in order to book a lesson with a ski instructor, people had to go in loco and check their availability, today, thank you to LessonBOOM everything is easier and faster. Infact, it is possible to book a lesson or check an instructor’s availability, from your couch, kilometers away. This is what we call innovation.

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