Freestyle: how to enjoy it also on snow

APR 22

Take a board and make it slide: on the ground with a skateboard, on water with a surfboard and on snow with a snowboard. Fantasy is the starting point for freestyle, technique is the mean. Courage and adrenaline do the rest. This sport is loved by young people, especially those who love snow.


Few weeks ago, we talked about Saas-Fee as one of Switzerland ski areas where it is possible to ski during summer. This small destination is well known also because during winter, when the town is full of skiers from all around the world, is possible to practice freestyle. Infact, Saas-Fee is a must for every freestyle lover, especially for the Freestyle Park. Saas-Fee Freestyle Park is the perfect destination for every freestyle lover.

Expert or beginner it doesn’t matter, there is something for everyone: kicker rail, box and transitions of every shape and dimension, The Park’s altitude and its northern-east position on the glacier, are the reasons why freestyle and snowboard lovers gather here from all around the world.

Snow conditions are perfect for shred and jibbing, both in summer and winter. Even more appreciated than the snow park is the famous chill-out area, with comfy sofas and chairs and nonstop music.

LessonBOOM will take you skiing but you will also have the chance to do tricks with your board/skis: discover them with us!

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LessonBOOM growt

LessonBOOM is a platform for mountain lovers who need ski and snowboard instructors to learn or improve their technique. Some time ago President Giovanni Ghigliotti told us that “among the main goals of the company we want to help you improve your technique on snow. A quite common goal, but LessonBOOM wants to do it in a different way: by cuddling its clients


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Andermatt, a fascinating destination for every season

Andermatt, in the heart of the Swiss Alps, is a holiday destination full of opportunities. Located in the middle of the Ursern Valley, in Canton Uri, this small town offers all the advantages of the Swiss Alps, both in summer and winter. Snowy mountains in winter and blooming meadows in summer and a traditional village center. Andermatt Swiss Alps is developing the high-end mountain village in an all year around destination, so that more guests will be able to enjoy this wonderful blend of idyllic setting and social life.

zermatt saas fee

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Zermatt and Saas Fee, skiing during summer

In the last few years skiing during summer has become more and more common. In fact, those who prefer a snowy peak to a dive in the ocean, gather together during the summer season and enjoy a good day skiing. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of ski areas open during summer. Among them are Zermatt and Saas Fee, both in Switzerland.