How to organize your mountain vacation

How to organize your mountain vacation
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Finally we are almost there: the season is about to open its doors and allow all fans, both skiers and snowboarders, to return and populate the wonderful ski areas that surround the Helvetican Confederation.

If going down from a slope, at least for the more experienced, can be a simple thing, you cannot say the same thing for the time pre-departure, what the organization of the holiday usually considers the cult topic of each exit among friends.

Skiers on the Swiss mountains

In fact, as in all things, to ensure that a holiday can be unforgettable, it is necessary to organize it meticulously, trying not to neglect any kind of detail: from equipment, passing through the accommodation, up to the moments of relax after-descent.

So let's see the key points that each group of friends should take into account to be able to organize a few days or, why not, a few weeks in the snow.

Will of the people who form the group

First of all we must consider how many people in the group will ski and how many, instead, will come exclusively to stay in the company or drink a nice bitter in the hut watching the descents of their friends.

Once that, within the group, these two types of people are well separated for the successful end of the holiday it is vital to think of them as well. But how do you do it?

Easy: if you have decided to spend a few days in the Alps of the beautiful Switzerland, you should look for a place that can offer leisure activities to those who, for personal reasons or simply because they are not sporty, cannot get off the track. If among the many locations identified, one offers different spa routes, then that may be the right one. Perfect even for those who cannot enjoy the view once they get off the chairlift: after hours on the slopes, a nice bath in the thermal water is always a pleasure.


Even the equipment is essential, completely vital for the success of the holiday. Surely the most avid lovers will leave for the mountains with their own equipment, be it skis, poles and helmet (not mandatory) or a snowboard.

Skiing in Swiss

While the "Sunday skiers", perhaps, will have to rent everything on site: from the helmet to the chopsticks. In this case, then, you will need to inquire about the best place to rent the equipment. An excellent equipment, as we said a before, is completely vital. The tenant, to those who will rent skis and snowboards, will ask three questions concerning: skill, height and weight. In fact, depending on these three factors, skis or snowboard will be different.

Many may think that the classic shop "rent skis and boards" can be useful only to those without equipment, but it is not so. In fact it can also be useful for those who load the equipment in the car at the time of departure. If you have not used it for a few years, it will be essential to level the skis or snowboard.

At LessonBOOM we consider, no doubt more than others, these two aspects essential when organizing your holiday,

Have fun!

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