LessonBoom: the new platform for mountain lovers

LessonBoom: the new platform for mountain lovers
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Lesson Boom, as we wrote on our home page, is the new platform dedicated to mountain lovers who need ski and snowboard instructors to learn and / or refine their technique.

In fact, one of the main objectives for those who decided to set up this company is to make their technique better on the snow. A common goal, you say, but Lesson boom wants to do it in an innovative way: cuddling, so to speak, its customers.

Now many mountain lovers no longer pay attention to it, but organizing one or more days on the snow is not a quick and immediate thing, on the contrary. First of all, if you do not have them in your cellar, you have to rent all the necessary equipment, but not only. In fact, for those who want to refine them
their downhill skills, it is necessary to contact the mountain professionals.

This last step, with us, has become much more immediate. If previously, to book one or more hours with the teachers, you had to arrive on site and feel their availability, now, thanks just at Lesson Boom, everything has become simpler and more immediate. In fact, from your own sofa at home, perhaps 100 km away, it is now possible to book lessons and already know who is available for that specific day.

This is the greatest innovation that Giovanni Ghigliotti, president and creator of Lesson boom, has made.

Giovanni Ghigliotti: president and creator of Lesson Boom

Giovanni, tell us better how the idea of creating this society was born?

"Lesson boom was born of a real market need. As a ski instructor I realized that, in organizing a skiing holiday, some steps are really complicated for a family. A series of circumstances have led me to create a platform in which we simplify the life of the booking by customers to the ski instructor. While planning the advent of this platform, other ideas flashed in my mind. One above all to simplify the life of the teacher, then make it totally autonomous by choosing to himself what day to work and what hourly rate to offer customers.

"Our" instructors, certified by Swiss Snow Sports, will be reviewed directly by users, therefore subject to a real evaluation. Lesson boom is managed by a very prepared team. Ours is a sturtup, a long-term project, so it will take a long time to consolidate in the territory and above all inculcate this new way of organizing a holiday. "

What are your goals in the short and long term?

"Lesson boom needs, being a sturtup, to make itself known with time, to" travel "its brand. The objectives, working in a serious and effective way, are to protect both the client and, of course, the professional. In the short term, the main objective is to grow more and more in the Swiss territory and over time, therefore, in the longer term, enter the complex world of ski schools and consolidate in the minds of consumers."

What are the benefits that your customers can enjoy in use app?

"Definitely the reservation. Booking your lesson from the sofa is a fantastic thing, which makes everyone more serene. One of the advantages also lies in the payment method which, initially, will be blocked by our accounts and then, at the end of the lesson, paid directly to the teacher. If the lesson does not take place, the money will be immediately returned. "

And which, instead, those of the masters who decide to join Lesson Boom?

"The best teachers who stand out and work with us will most likely be hired by the company. Once hired, it will be their job to manage and inculcate Lesson Boom's guidelines to other future teachers."

Do you cover all of Switzerland?

"The idea of Lesson boom is to cover all the locations in Switzerland. However, this does not depend solely and exclusively on us. In time, it is necessary to see if the masters who work in a certain Swiss ski resort sign up for the platform, only in that case it will be possible to choose, for a nice descent, even that precise location. "

Thanking for the availability Giovanni Ghigliotti, we invite you to continue to follow our blog.

The season is now approaching, organize it with Lesson boom!


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