A double-edged sword: choose your skis wisely

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A double-edged sword: choose your skis wisely


If your next weekend on the snow is approaching and your skis are damaged, you are in the right place at the right time. In this article, here at LessonBOOM, we will give you the right tips to choose the perfect pair of skis. If they are not the perfect pair for you, skis can be very dangerous, therefore you should choose them carefully.


Different types of skiers With new technologies, low end skis don’t exist anymore, but every ski adapts better or worse to the skier. It is very important to define what type of skier you are to find the correct ones for you. The profile of a skier is defined through three different criteria: first, your technique level.


If you are a beginner, you haven’t skied much or never skied at all, if you still have problems with basic movements and you are learning how to take slow turns, we suggest you a simple ski. For intermediate skiers, who can take several turns at medium speed on every type of slope, skis should be well-balanced and comfortable. If you are an expert skier, you can manage every kind of snow and your skiing technique is confident and smooth you should buy skis with a high performance.


Which personal criteria should you take into consideration?


Besides your skills there are also more personal parameters to take into consideration when choosing a new pair of skis: sex, weight and height are fundamental elements.Nowadays, skis are adaptable to the morphological features of both males and females. For example, there are skis made specially to fit women’s physical needs like the elevated heel pieces and their lower weight.


Height is also very important, in fact each skier should take into account their height and also how they plan to use the skis during the winter season. Freeride skis should be about your height. Slope, all mountain and freestyle skis are usually 10 to 15 cm shorter than you. Last but not least, weight: if a lighter skier uses rigid skis, he won’t be able to appreciate their quality. On the other hand, soft skis on a heavier skier will feel lifeless.


These are the principal criteria to follow when choosing a good pair of skis and to really the wonderful winter season.

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