Zermatt and Saas Fee, skiing during summer

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MAR 21

In the last few years skiing during summer has become more and more common. In fact, those who prefer a snowy peak to a dive in the ocean, gather together during the summer season and enjoy a good day skiing. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of ski areas open during summer. Among them are Zermatt and Saas Fee, both in Switzerland.


Zermatt is a beautiful Swiss village at the foot of Mount Cervino, at the bottom of the Matter Valley close to the Monte Rosa. Reachable only by train, in this small village there are only electric vehicles. In fact, this is one of the few ski areas without cars. Zermatt, together with the Italian Valtournenche and Breuil Cervinia, is part of the Matterhorn Ski Paradise, a ski area with 360 km of slopes.

On the Swiss side of the area there are 162 km of slopes (32 km easy, 117 km intermediate and 13 km advanced) and 38km of freeride slopes. The track from the Klein Matterhorn (3883 meters) to the town, through the Plateau Rosà Glacier, is quite spectacular and long.

During the summer season you can ski up to 3883 meters of altitude. There are 21 kilometers of slopes dedicated to skiers and snowboarders and they are all on the Theodulo Glacier. Freestylers can have fun at the Zematt Snowpark. A part of the summer ski area is dedicated to the ski club and teams’ training.

Saas Fee

In addition to Zermatt, during summer it is possible to ski also at Saas Fee, in Switzerland. Under the 4545 meters of the Dom and surrounded by twelve peaks higher than 4000 meters, Saas Fee is located at 1800 meters and from here it is possible to ski up to 3600 meters thank you to the cabinways and to Europe’s highest-altitude underground cable railway.

The latter, Metro Alpin, reaches the Allalin Glacier. From the highest point of the Saas Valley you can enjoy the view from the Allalin Glacier to the famous Jungfrau Region, in the Oberland, and the near Italy.

At Saas Fee is possible to ski all year around. There are about one hundred kilometers of slopes and a freesyle park in the Moreina area. When in other locations people start to hike, here the glacier offers 20 kilometers of slopes at comfortable temperatures.

A lot of international teams choose this area to train during the summer season. Saas Fee is not too far from the Italian border and here you can fin 100 kilometers of slopes 25 of which easy, 50 intermediate and 25 advanced. With 35 ski lifts, the ski area under the Dom is famous for being a destination for snowsports lovers also during summer.

If you love the mountains and really don’t want to go on vacation at the seaside, in Switzerland, at Zermatt and Saas Fee it is possible to enjoy snowsports even in July and August. You know where to find us, also in summer. Word of LessonBOOM!

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